Diane S. Avatar
Diane S.
5 star rating
Sheri really knows what she is doing! She has an incredible understanding of dogs. She is able to teach you why your dogs behave the way they do so you can understand how to work with them. She helped us immensely with our new dog who had been abused in the past. Sheri is very patient, has so much information to share, and makes sure you understand what she is teaching you. We had improvement after one session and have had her come back whenever we need more help. I highly recommend Sheri!
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J H. Avatar
J H.
5 star rating
Sheri is amazing. She really helped us with our dog with significant improvement after only a little over an hour. I'm excited to work with her more. Highly recommended!!!!
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Grace D. Avatar
Grace D.
5 star rating
I am glad that I chose Sheri. My dog is extreamly reactive. She would bark her lungs out and get hyper whenever she meets another dog. I always thought this behavior is rooted in her and can't be fixed easily, but within one session, Sheri changed the game. Now she walks pass other dogs like she doesn't even sees them. Our daily walks are also so much easier now that she doesn't pull the leash and rush out doors anymore.

Sheri achieved this through a simple methodology where we claim the role of the leader in the pack, guiding the dog to follow our reactions. She taught me a lot about dog psychology and helped me realize that some of my behaviors were not expressions of love but rather spoil and confuse my dog.

p.s. I was a bit worried about the negative reviews initially. However, upon realizing that none of them were related to the effectiveness of her methods, I would say those negative reviews actually prove that her approach really works lol
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Glenna G. Avatar
Glenna G.
5 star rating
My dog Sophie has such extreme behavior issues and there was immediate change after just one session! Four sessions in, and she's a new pup 🙂 where she used to be aggressive and dominant, now she's well behaved and sweet. I didn't think she could change this much! She's a rescue chihuahua and already 10 years old, but Sheri has totally different techniques and ways to work with dogs and than other people who have tried with Sophie. I strongly recommend Sheri to anyone with a difficult dog!
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Liana M. Avatar
Liana M.
5 star rating
Sheri is the best! We adopted a Chihuahua puppy and brought her home to our 9 year old Blue Heeler who doesn't like dogs. I was really scared of what my older dog might do and contacted Sheri immediately. She responded to my SOS right away and was at my home within a day. The minute she walked in the door my Blue Heeler jumped up on her and tried to get treats out of her bag. Sheri made a small noise and my dog turned around and walked away. I have never seen anything like it. After her first visit, the dogs were best friends and so many bad habits that my old dog had developed where gone. Incredible. She communicates with dogs on their level - as if she were a dog. The response is immediate and seemingly magical. I absolutely recommend Sheri. Her approach really works - even with dogs/ behaviors you think are beyond help!
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Damara A. G. Avatar
Damara A. G.
5 star rating
Sheri was the most helpful and patient with my dog and we were overall able to get to the root of the separation anxiety! I never knew it could be so easy and was initially skeptical, but she is like a dog whisperer and can definitely help! Thank you so much Sheri!
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Gilbert N. Avatar
Gilbert N.
5 star rating
Sheri is amazing with animals. I'm sure if you own pets you've realized that some people have the touch. She's an artist, and sometimes artists are not as great at scheduling or bookkeeping, but that's not what she's there for. She's there to connect with your animal and train you how to be a great dog parent so that you can have that connection with your dog. She trains dogs by speaking to them in their language and providing you with animal cues so that your pet will understand what you want from them. She's no nonsense, but very caring and compassionate and her techniques work fast. What an awesome human.
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Scott C. Avatar
Scott C.
5 star rating
Sheri was AMAZING with my King Charles Cavalier!!!! I had many trainers before, but none connected or were effective with my issues of his unruliness. After my first session with Sheri, my dog "Charlie" was immediately responding to the techniques she taught to both dog and myself!
After a year of training/learning, Charlie is THE BEST DOG EVER!!!!!! Sheri continues to come quarterly to keep him and myself in check! I highly recommend Sheri!!!!!!
She is Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!
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Molly M. Avatar
Molly M.
5 star rating
Sheri changed my life & my dog's life for the better!!

In a single session she corrected my dogs barking in my corporate office. Because my dog is a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier, I assumed that nothing could be done but I couldn't have been more wrong.

Sheri is incredibly knowledgeable about dogs of all ages & breeds. I really appreciate that she explained so much of the psychology that instinctively drives canine behavior which is in a large part, why her methods work.

I have since referred Sheri to no fewer than 6 friends & colleagues & every one of them have sung her praises while doling out their sincerest gratitude.

As if it couldn't get any better, Sheri comes to you! She understands the importance of observing a dog in the actual environment(s) where the problematic behavior is occurring which in invaluable in the correction process & another reason why her methods work!!

Last but not least, her fees are incredibly reasonable!! (Maybe 1/4-1/3 of what most private canine behaviorist in LA charge).
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Meg M. Avatar
Meg M.
5 star rating
Sheri is godsend!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!!

She knew IMMEDIATELY what we needed to address with Boss. After our first session, I was able to apply the lesson at home and saw an immediate improvement with our walks. Sheri empowers you with the necessary skills, knowledge and patience needed to help with your dog's rehab. She is patient and understanding with me as well, as I recognize part of the problem is me. Lol.

I've been to 2 other trainers before I met Sheri and obviously they were not very good. I'm grateful though that they've led me to Sheri and help show what real expert trainers really look like. Sheri is an absolute expert and if you want miracles, you'll need Sheri!

P.S. - were on our 4th session and Boss is doing fine. I continue to see her because I know "the human" needs training.
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Julianne S. Avatar
Julianne S.
5 star rating
Ive been working with sheri over the last month with my dogs behavioral issues. She has been so helpful and informative and i enjoy working with her. My dogs barking has improved and they seem to respect me more now that we have been working with sheri.
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Lisa M. Avatar
Lisa M.
5 star rating
Sherri is amazing! She was able to correct my dog through the window outside my front door. He was barking and getting excited because there was a visitor and she stopped it just by giving him a look. She really understands dogs, their behaviors and how to correct them. We have been working on my dog's fear of the car and pulling on the leash. She has given me all the tools to correct this on my own and he is already showing great progress after 3 sessions. I highly recommend her.
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