Unconditional Honor

Excerpt from the book Unconditional Honor: Wounded Warriors and Their Dogs by Cathy Scott and Clay Myers.


This is LA.

Sheri Williams At Work

A common problem: Agressive behavior towards other dogs.
In this instance Sheri and her doggie assistant “Debo” are walking an aggressive Chihuahua-mix by fenced in dogs who are demonstrating aggressive behavior as well. The Chihuahua-mix, naturally, responds in kind.
Sheri’s Solution:
The same scenario a few minutes later. The (formerly aggressive) Chihuahua-mix now accepts Sheri as the “pack leader” and is now under her control. Eat your heart out Cesar!
Sheri demonstrates the importance of constant, positive reinforcement. This is an integral element for her many successes.
It doesn’t end with a successfully educated pet.. The owners also need to be trained! This is a two-way commitment between owner and pet. Here is Sheri “working” with the owners of two of her pupils.

Radio Interview - KNXAM: On-Demand - Omny.fm

Yes, your dog is having separation anxiety: how to soothe your pooch when you head back to the office.
Interview starts at 1:00 minute mark.

Veterans Helping Others

Radio Interview - KNXAM: On-Demand - Omny.fm

Excerpt from Bestfriends.org
Also taking part in the day was Sheri Williams, a dog trainer and founder of Animal T.A.I.L. (Animal Therapists Assisting in Living), whose program matches veterans with pets from local shelters to adopt and ultimately train for service or animal-assisted therapist certifications.
Once the pet is certified, the pair can sign up to become part of an animal-assisted therapy team to work with disabled and special-needs children or rescue and train dogs for the elderly.
Animal T.A.I.L. is working with Best Friends Animal Society and the Veterans Administration of Los Angeles to expand her program to local veterans, such as those in attendance.
“What dogs do for veterans is to bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives. PTSD can be a very dark place. Pets take these vets out of the darkness and into the light,” Sheri says.

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