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Holly G(Jack & Lucky)says...

Sheri is beyond exceptional. I have been in contact with her for a few years now. Continue to go back to her for all my behavioral dog issues. She has now trained a total of 3 dogs for me; one being a full fetched service dog (unfortunately, this was my ex's dog and stayed with him). The other two dogs, Jack and Lucky, (who are still with me) displayed signs of disobedience - dog aggressiveness, anxious mannerisms, stubborn and did not know how to walk on a leash without pulling me half way down the street. I lost hope and started to believe that these dogs were always going to be disobedient. One glimpse of a squirrel and we were in the races! I loved my dogs, aka my children, but this lifestyle became more-so stressful for me. I became terrified to walk my dogs, after Lucky bit a dog, and knowing Jack was unpredictable when it came to chasing wildlife. I had thoughts of losing them one day. I am not even kidding, I noticed a difference in my dogs after one visit. Also, she always gave me homework to practice that pertained to the dogs, which yielded faster results (if you practiced, as you should) and believe me, she would know when I would not do my "homework!" Another attribute that makes Sheri different from the rest is, how her personal dog Debo helps correct the dogs when they are not understanding a concept. Hard to imagine right? Well, believe it! I could never thank Sheri enough for all that she has done for me. Not only did she help my anxiety when it came to my dogs but, she also allowed me to believe in what I thought was impossible, and to this day when I need more practice in an area with my dogs, or a new problem arises, I reach out to her, and she gladly books another training session. Now I have obedient dogs, but also a companionship. Jack and I have a emotional connection on a deeper level than I imagined - he senses when I am anxious and knows how to "touch" and be present in that moment; thanks to Sheri. The list goes on. Sheri changed my life, and I found a new found peace with my dogs, one that I never imagined in the first place.


Sheri was wonderful, helped us achieve our goal with Nylah within a week, and was clearly focused on helping us reach our goal. I adopted my 4 yr old australian cattle/shepherd mix 4 months ago and learned my first day back at work that she had extreme separation anxiety and could not be left alone for more than 10 seconds. That first day I received 6 noise complaints, had to leave work, set her up with daycare and was fearful to leave her alone ever. After relying on daycare for 4 months and having to cancel plan with friends or leave work events early, I reached out to Sheri based on her Yelp reviews.

Sheri showed up early, spent over the 90 minutes with us, and within the first 30 seconds had Nylah completely under her control. Sheri taught us the tools to continue to establish control with Nylah and reduce her anxiety in basic day to day activities as well as when we leave the apartment. With the tools Sheri gave us, we were able to leave the apartment for over an hour within 1 week of continuing the training on our own. In addition, Sheri showed up at the lesson ready to teach us once rather than trying to set us up for ongoing costly sessions. She found our dog to be very responsive and was not going to try to push for more unnecessary sessions which I greatly appreciate. Overall, super efficient, effective and honest, which I greatly appreciate.

Harlow L(Harlow)says...

Sheri is an incredibly dog behaviorist and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants real change and cares about their dog! I first found her because I was searching for someone who really understands dog psychology, because I had been told from a puppy training class and my puppy's vet that my pup, Harlow, had issues and they recommended medication. His vet even said he had recommended in a similar case that the dog be put down. Sheri immediately calmed my nerves and assured me it was just a dominance issue. We just had an appointment two days ago and Harlow is already making huge improvements. She shows you how to change your behavior in the home so you can help your dog feel confident and relaxed. I am going to continue working with her so we can tackle all potential situations that may challenge Harlow. Thanks to Sheri I am looking forward to many years of adventures with Harlow!!

lindsey l(Elliot)says...

Sheri came when I was desperate for help with my puppy. Aside from annoying all my neighbors with his barking, being aggressive with strangers, he finally bit me and I had to get stitches. While it was difficult in the beginning, she explained that not only would I be happier, but more importantly, Elliott would be.

After working intensively with her (and doing the things she told me every day), Elliott is a completely different puppy and I can't say enough good things about Sheri. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone with issues, whether small or large as she worked miracles for me.

Sara Wsays...

Sheri is an extraordinary behaviorist and major asset to any dog owner. Whether you are looking to sharpen your dog's response to you or to address deep seated histories of trauma or aggression, Sheri has the toolkit to help you and your dog move forward. Sheri understands dogs and dog language more than any human I have ever encountered. Her skill set is truly remarkable, and she is a very effective communicator both with humans and dogs.

Her working partner Debo (her dog) also adds major value to sessions. Despite having an incredibly accurate ability to assess dog behavior/instinct, she uses Debo as an *additional* layer to gauge the dogs she works with. To me this is a testament to her understanding of dogs - she appreciates that despite her expert knowledge, she can still benefit from Debo's canine insight to inform her perspective. She combines her own (human) assessment and Debo's (dog) reactions to form a very complete picture of your dog's behavioral profile and instinctual needs.

Anyone who engages with Sheri should be aware: ALL SUCCESS DEPENDS ON THE OWNER'S COMMITMENT TO THE PROGRAM. This is not so much about your dog as it is about how YOU interact with your dog. Be aware that Sheri is actually training the human, not the dog. My journey with Sheri has been incredibly rewarding but incredibly challenging. Anyone who signs up to work with Sheri should know that it's not easy, it's often exhausting, but if you *listen to Sheri* you will get the results you seek.

Jennifer Csays...

When we got our second rescue doggo, a year-old border collie/spaniel mix, we thought we were all set with training - she could sit, stay, come, wait, and even do high-5s. What more could we need?

Then... after being with us for 3 months, she started showing aggressive tendencies - toward us, toward our older dog, and even toward random dogs on the street - showing teeth, barking, lunging and even pouncing on other dogs to show dominance. No amount of commands would deter the behavior, and every walk became a game of crossing the street multiple times to avoid other dogs (and our embarrassment at her behavior). We knew we couldn't continue this way, and constantly worried about her around our other dog, as well as our friends and neighbors.

I am thankful every day that we found Sheri. As crazy as it sounds, within 24 hours of our first session, our dog was walking calmly at my side, on a loose leash, with barely a glance at other dogs... even when they were barking at her. I teared up and called Sheri to tell her the great news.

We've now done three sessions together (and, of course, have done work on our own in between), and our doggo is simply a better dog. She's better with her doggo sister, she's sitting quietly with a cat she used to terrorize, and she's playing better with others at the dog park, too!

The difference is Sheri's approach. She doesn't just create patterns of behavior with treats and practice (which is fine for obedience and tricks, but less so for addressing deeper issues). She had studied the science of animal instinct and pack behavior for more than 20 years, and knows how to get dogs to change on a deeper, instinctual level. We learned to be the pack leaders (of both of our dogs), and to communicate with them as a leader would in the wild. She takes our dogs' pasts as strays into account, knowing that every dog is different and has different needs. We've learned to read their body language, and posture our own, along with our tone and movements - it almost feels like we "speak dog" now, and our connection with them has grown deeper because of it.

We truly feel that we have a partner in Sheri, who will help us tackle any other problems that may surface. I should also point out that her prices are VERY reasonable (hundreds of dollars less than others we've heard of), but absolutely worth every penny. She's an absolute sweetheart, too, and we look forward to our time with her (and of course, her angel doggo, Debo!).

I can't recommend her enough for anything from basic training to problem solving. Don't spend another minute repeating commands that aren't heeded, or apologizing for your dog on the street. It can change, and you'll all be happier for it!

Sara C(Leo)says...

Sheri is so wonderful! My dog Leo was rescued from a dog meat farm in Korea-- so it's safe to say he is definitely not a fan of most people. Not only was Leo extremely scared of people, but he also acted aggressive in certain instances. I felt totally helpless and called on Sheri to help. Within one session, Sheri & her dog Debo totally changed Leo and gave me the tools I needed to more confidently help him. Sheri was able to identify the root of his issues and explain the reasoning behind every odd behavior.

Sheri goes beyond the normal training approach I was used to. I wanted someone who could address Leo's fear of people, not someone who would just come in and strictly teach him to obey me. Sheri truly understands the way dogs think, and bringing in her dog Debo really helps with dogs who are fearful of humans. I highly recommend this team!

Catherine Bsays...

We had never used a dog behaviorist before, and Sheri was so patient with us and our dogs. We were the ones who needed retraining! She had excellent ideas and suggestions about how to help our puppy become more comfortable around strangers. We recommend her without reservation!


Update: it's been a year since I last wrote a review. The tools that Sheri taught me worked immediately after I submitted my last review a year ago. Ellie has been calm and anxiety free when I leave her home alone - it probably took about 2-3 weeks to get her there fully but that's only because I felt bad leaving her. Had I pulled the plug earlier and more often, it would have been sooner.

Sheri's method is far more different than a regular trainer. She is a behaviorist and understands what the dog is thinking or how they are interpreting things. I ask a ton of questions - it makes so much sense and makes it even easier to train them! Thanks Sheri!!

Jonathan Ksays...

Call on Sheri! She's fantastic. I learned so much about dogs and why they do what they do. It totally transformed my dog's behavior right away. It wasn empowering to see how, when I knew how to work with my dog, she responded. It's like another language- dog language- and Sheri speaks it! She will help you be a better human and let your dog be a better dog. I recommend a few appointments and be open to her coaching which might ask you to stretch and grow.

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