Why Choose Sheri?

There are numerous dog obedience schools, positive reinforcement trainers, clicker trainers, books, videos and other strategies to train your dog. Some are costly, some are cheap.

Since you’re reading this page you’ve no doubt tried other avenues and are in the process of seeking yet another solution to your pets behavior issues.

If you’re looking for help with your dog and landed on this site you’re no doubt aware that dogs are capable of unbelievably destructive behavior, crippling phobias, incessant barking and howling, and even lethal aggression. A twenty-five pound dog can easily permanently maim or kill a child. Even in small breed dogs, it is not “cute” when they jump on your house guests with muddy paws, urinate on your carpets and cause you grief by their behavior every time you encounter another dog while walking them.

So, why choose Sheri Williams?

The costs of Sheri’s services compared to any other method that actually gets long-term results is a bargain.

Sheri provides affordable, individual “in home training”.
An in-home evaluation of your dog’s needs by Sheri will determine the scope of instruction needed for your dog. Sheri is realistic with her recommendations and will offer only those services deemed necessary for your dog.

Call Sheri at (310) 220-7400 to discuss your dog’s issues.

Dogs, like people, have different personalities and as such need to be treated as “individuals”.

A “one size fits all” approach that is employed by obedience classes may or may not help YOUR dog.

Dogs also are very keyed into their environment. Sheri has had many dogs that were “star pupils” in obedience class yet were monsters in their home.

This is because both dogs and people better learn with individual instruction.

Sheri adjusts your pet’s behavior – She doesn’t teach “tricks”!

Dogs share common genetically based traits.
Dogs have no genetic basis for doing “tricks”; they are hardwired to follow and obey their leader.

Sheri trains the dog and owner to interact in a fashion that your dog truly understands to clearly convey his position as your follower. Once this is established you can train your dog any “trick” you desire. If this method of communicating your position as the leader of your dog is not established, then you will not have a dependable, trained dog.

Sheri is not a franchise.

Sheri has over 13 years of experience with dogs, a skill you can’t learn by simply paying a franchise fee and attending a crash course. Sheri is not a college student who happens to like dogs or a full time employee of another business who trains dogs in her spare time because she was told she has, “a way with animals”.

Modifying a dogs behavior is all Sheri Williams does and Sheri welcomes the “difficult” cases that others refuse.