Sheri’s Method

TO BE CLEAR: I do not “train” your dog, I “modify” his or her behavior.

The “BIG MISCONCEPTION about Dog “Training”:
As a professional dog trainer, I, like many other professionals, can show immediate results because I understand and have knowledge of how to communicate with dogs

It’s simple for me to take the most rambunctious, aggressive and obstinate pet and have him/her heeling at my side and obeying simple commands in a short session. This is what most people accept as teaching a pet to be “obedient”. This isn’t what I do.

“Obedience classes” will teach you techniques to entice (read: “force”) your dog to do “tricks”. This, unfortunately, is a fairly useless and frustrating exercise for both you and your pet because it doesn’t affect the “cause” of the problem – only the “response” to it.

So, What makes my service different?:
My services to you are focused on YOUR interactions with your dog.

Accordingly, training is conducted in the dog’s environment (your home) and is devoted to training you certain behaviors and core techniques that will allow you to modify your dogs behavior in a “language” the dog understands and responds to.

I instruct you, show you, and guide you, utilizing my fifteen years of experience with canine behavior to fit your individual pet’s needs.

Unlike many of my competitors, my methods are not a “one size fits all” solution.
Your pet is unique, therefore my solution will be unique.

My one on one private sessions will involve evaluating your dogs temperament and instructing you to appropriately adjust your dog’s behavior conducive with his/her individual needs. I will instruct and guide you to train your dog to accept you as their leader and follow your commands.

My services include, but are not limited to:

Behavior Modification/Problem Solving:
Problem behavior such as chewing, aggression, jumping, excessive barking, separation anxiety, pulling on lead, marking or soiling, hyperactivity, destructive behavior. Any and all various canine behavioral maladies are addressed and modified.

General Obedience Training:
Training your puppy or adult dog to dependably obey the core commands of sit, heel, stay, down, come, drop it, etc, are also covered.

My techniques will teach you how to create an environment where your dog is obedient because it meshes with your pet’s genetic instincts.

With my instruction everything flows from mutual understanding and respect between you and your dog.

Remember: There are no bad dogs, just unenlightened owners!